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** Shipping within Europe **

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  1. vehicle categories enc-box enc boxSelect the appropriate box for your vehicle type
  2. Choose your starter package credit
  3. Enter personal data and delivery address
  4. By clicking on the button "SEND" you finish order


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Category 1A - Motorbike, Motorbike with sidecarCategory 1 – car up to 3,5 tons and 1,90m highCategory 2 – Car + trailer, Cars up to 3,5 tons and higher than 1,90mCategory 3 - Cars from 3,5 tons, buses, transporter

99,95 Euro - Box with 300 Kuna credit119,95 Euro - Box with 500 Kuna credit179,95 Euro – Box with 1000 Kuna credit249,95 Euro - Box with 1500 Kuna credit299,95 Euro - Box with 2000 Kuna credit

Costs of delivery (inside Europe) 8.95 Euro (package track & trace, registered mail)



The ENC box is not tied to a specific vehicle. You can use the ENC box in any car of the same category. Using your ENC box in a car of a different category is possible as well. E.g. you have a category 1 ENC box and would like to tow a trailer to Croatia one time? Contact one of the employees at the first toll station you´re coming through. It is possible to adapt the box to the new vehicle category (car + trailer = category 2). Then you can use the ENC box for the modified vehicle category at all other toll stations.


Please notice, when changing the vehicle category higher fees may apply. So charge your ENC box in time before you travel.

Be informed, the vehicle category will be checked by sensors (height, weight and number of axles) at most toll stations. Using a vehicle which does not conform to the ENC box's registered category can be expensive! In the worst case, as with the loss of a toll ticket, the full fees will be charged. Which means it would be incurred as if you used complete highway, starting in the north and leaving at the south end.

It is also possible to register a second box in another category on an existing customer account. With this you don´t have to stop for changing any category during travel.

The current status of your customer account and the boxes registered on, can be checked both, in the web portal and in the HAC app (in the menu Account overview). It will also display the current balance as well as the serial number of your ENC box. This serial number is needed when charging via app or charging via SMS and receipt

Time of delivery when ordering ENC box online is about 10 - 12 days after receipt of payment. Shipping will be made by Hrvatska Posta as a trackable package / registered mail.

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