Answers to ENC for frequently asked questions on the topics

1. ENC lane and ENC transponders (BOX)
2. Tolls and payment
3. Delivery, status, shipping, complaints ENC box

1. Questions about ENC lanes and ENC transponder (BOX)

Which lane can I use for payment with ENC?
Basically, the lane for payment with ENC is marked with big yellow letters “ENC” on the carriageway and green signs above at the toll station.

Can I use the transponder on the lanes, not marked ENC?
At some toll stations (e.g., Zadar Istok), all lanes can be used with the ENC transponder. Unfortunately, not all stations are fully equipped with the ENC modules and only the designated ENC lane can be used for electronic payment when passing through. In case of doubt, please always get in line with the ENC marked track.

I took a ticket even though I have an ENC transponder. Can I still pay by ENC?
Yes, but not on the ENC lane! In that case, one of the tracks where employees of the motorway company are working must be selected. Give your ticket and the transponder to the employee, he will deduct toll with the transponder from your customer account.

How can I check my balance en route?
Checking balance is always possible with ENC app. On the other hand, the respective credit when driving onto the highway is displayed on a large display at the toll station.

Do I have to stop at the toll station despite transponders?
Yes. Drive to the barrier and stop for a short moment. The transponder confirms with an audible “beep” that it has been detected and the barrier opens. On some stations a new technology is available and barrier opens while approaching.

2. Questions about tolls and payment

Does the ENC payment also work on the A2 (Macelj-Zagreb)?
No, the operator AZM does not provide ENC payment. This section can only be paid in cash, credit card or “Smart Card”.

Does the ENC payment work on the Istria-Y (motorway A8 and A9 in Istria)?
Yes, you can also use the transponder on this route. But it is necessary to open a customer account at operator “BINA ISTRA”. This account will be assigned to your existing transponder. For that, please contact employees on the first BINA ISTRA toll station. Be informed, that they need your transponder physically to registrate it on their system.

Can I benefit from the percentages with further charging?
Yes, the discount will also be taken into account during subsequent recharges. For example, if you charge 100 HRK, your balance will be 121.74 HRK.

I have a box for category 1 (passenger cars) and would like to tow a trailer (car + trailer = category 2) within Croatia.
In this case you can change category 1 of your box to category 2 at the first toll station you reach. After that you can use the box as usual. Otherwise take a ticket at first toll station and pay your toll when leaving the highway at one of the occupied ticket stations.

Is it possible to pay with ENC if my balance is 0?
No, that is not possible. You have to charge your account in advance with bank transfer, voucher and app or voucher and SMS. ENC is pre-paid.

3. Questions about delivery, status & shipping of the ENC box

How long does delivery to Germany / Austria / Switzerland need?
The delivery time from receipt of payment is about 8 – 12 days. We have no influence on delays during the delivery or any occurrence on way of delivery. EBC-package will be sent by Hrvatska Posta to all countries of Europe.

Do I have to register the box before use?
No, the box is delivered “ready to use” and is already activated when it arrives. Your customer account will be created when ordering, you do not have to worry about anything.

Where do I have to place / positioning the box?
If you want, you can mount the box with the included bracket in the middle of your windshield, behind the mirror. If you don´t want to mount the transponder, just make sure that the transponder has a direct connection to a mounted device above ENC lane. The sensors are located in the roof construction of the toll station.

How do I get my access data for the web portal and the app?
You will receive your user name and password either in advance by email or upon delivery of your box. Those data are valid for app and web portal too.

How long is the credit valid if I do not use the box?
The once loaded credit does not expire! You can also use your charged balance after a long period of non-use for the next trip.

How do I know that my ENC box is still active?
The status of the box can be queried at any time via your app. Choose “Account overview”, it shows the current status as well as the credit and serial number of the ENC box.

Can I check which amount was debited for my last travel?
In the app, a period can be entered under “Transactions” menu item from which all debits and route segments will be displayed.

Where can I get the app for the ENC box?
The app is available for Android and IOS. It can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store under the name HAC ENC.

Can the credit be charged by credit card?
Credit can be charged only by bank transfer, or advanced payment via the web portal or voucher. A credit card can only be deposited if you have a Croatian identification number (OIB). However, charging by credit card is possible at the toll stations.


Warranty and technical failures

The operator granted a 2-year warranty. The box can be replaced at a toll station (like Zagreb, Lucko) if it should be not working. Please keep the supplied warranty voucher (Jamstveni List). You will need it for changing of a not working transponder.

My box is not working and the warranty has expired
In that case, you can buy a new box (transponder) at a toll station (like Zagreb Lucko). The new transponder will be registered on your customer account and is immediately ready for use as usual. All claims must be addressed to the operating company (contact:

I was charged incorrectly, what can I do?

Complaints regarding the toll calculation / billing are to be sent by e-mail to:

Why wasn’t my box recognized when driving to barrier?
In some vehicles coated windscreens are installed on your car. Mostly these windshields are called “Clima-cool” or similar. Unfortunately, those windshields do not only shield the sun, they also block the signal of the ENC box. In that case, the box must be kept briefly out of the opened side window.

If the battery power is too low, the box will not be recognized by the station signal at the toll booth. In this case the box must be replaced.

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