Manage your ENC box with ENC App

The ENC app support

You can charge and manage your ENC box for the next trip quite easily. The app is available for iOS (from version 6) and Android. ENC box app support.


The ENC mobile application comes with the following features:

  • charging ENC box
  • overview of all toll payments (for registered users)
  • information about route toll
  • user registration data
  • operation manual
  • ENC - Account check (for registered users)
  • traffic information
  • overview of tolls
  • interactive road map with taverns, rest areas, toll stations, tunnels and bridges


Click here to download:

Click your app-store for app download. Or simply scan QR code and download app from the Apple App Store

Click to your play-store for app download. Or simply scan QR code and download app from Google Play store



While using the app, charges for roaming or mobile internet may arise. Please check with your provider before using the app. Not enough data volume on your mobile phone can lead to the fact that the app can´t be used.

Of course, there are other alternatives to recharge your box. Although charging via App and Bon is the easiest, there are more charging options. For example, the top-up amount can be transferred from your bank account to the account of the operator in advance. Keep in mind that this is a money transfer to a foreign country (not possible with SEPA from all countries). Some banks charge additional fees for this foreign transfer. A bank transfer should be arranged early to ensure that your balance will be booked on time of travel.

If you don´t want to use the app or bank transfer, you can buy ENC vouchers at various kiosks, post offices and petrol stations all over Croatia. On these voucher you find a 14-digit code, which you have to send via SMS along with the serial number of your ENC box to a Croatian service number. Vouchers are available with different recharge amounts from 100 HRK to 900 HRK.

All recharge options will benefit from a 21,74% discount.

Please always check the amount on your customer account before you use the ENC-Box. If the box does not work due to insufficient credit for the driven section, please contact the service staff at the toll station. At some toll stations you can charge prepaid -account, otherwise you have to pay your toll in cash. If you want to charge your ENC account at one of the participating station, keep in mind that it could take 30 – 45 minutes until amount is credited on your account. The costs for the respective sections and vehicle categories can also be found in the app under the menu item “HAC INFO”.

If a box does not work despite sufficient credit, you can exchange the box at a toll station, e.g. in Zagreb / Lucko. All boxes are delivered with a 2-year warranty. Warranty documents are included in each delivery. If the warranty has already expired, you can buy at the toll station a new device for the price of currently 122 HRK (January 2019). This will be registered on your customer account and can be used immediately as usual.